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Professional Consulting Services For Your Business


The company HaPeOn Consulting s.r.o. provides comprehensive consultancy services for small (up to 10 employees) and medium size (up to 250 employees) companies which mainly need to assist in development of their financial administration and strategic management development.

Scope Of Services:

  • Advisory in strategic management
  • M & A Advisory
  • Business Inteligence solutions for reporting and planning
  • Project management and business development consulting in emerging markets
  • Advisory in financial management
  • Financial management of companies
  • Liquidation of loss-making and non functional companies


Our clients may to expect:

  • Providing consultancy services with high knowledge , that small and medium- sized companies quickly and effectively help to solve the stagnation problem of rapid growth or change in orientation and contribute to increase value and long-term prosperity.
  • Permanently improving consultancy services reflecting client needs.

Why to choose us?

  • PROFESSIONALISM - to our clients we prefer a personal approach and always individual solution of financial and strategic management at the appropriate professional level. Of course there is an observance of the rules of professional ethics above all absolute discretion and independent perspective.
  • EXPERTISE - individual problems, particularly strategic and financial management are always professionally analysed not only the viewpoint of the relevant legislation, but also for using literature and internal know-how.
  • CAREFULLNESS - we place great emphasis on maximum care when handling assigned tasks and in the provision of all services.
  • TRUST - a very important aspect in providing services for full satisfaction of our clients. We also focus on long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect.
  • RATIONALITY - always prefer a solution which is both managerially and administratively efficient, but also the cost and time saving for client.
  • EXPERIENCE - we have deep practical experience, gained mainly in manufacturing and trading  international companies in solving a wide range of different operational situations.

New web 2013


We are pleased to announce the launch of its new corporate website of HaPeOn Consulting Ltd.. The main reason for the changes was to expand the volume and quality of information for our clients, and all other interested persons who visit these pages.

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